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Emily and Joey's faith in God and attitude through all of her trials has been so amazing and inspiring. She has such a joyful heart and has always been such an encouragement to everyone around her. She is the best mommy and has two precious children: Gage and Charley. Her sweet husband, Joey, is  self- employed and wants to be by her side as much as he can. We are raising money to help them out while he is unable to work, and help cover miscellaneous expenses while she is in the hospital. The outpouring of encouragement and support has been incredible, and she is feeling so loved. Please continue to pray boldly for her complete healing!

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Emily has joined the Lord. Her presence, and now her legacy, made the world a better place.  Please pray for her family and friends and give generously.   

Emily was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25 in November 2008. After undergoing a double mastectomy and chemotherapy, she was declared "cancer free" for almost 4 years until discovering the cancer had spread to areas in her lungs and brain in November 2012. She has had multiple procedures done over the last 5 years including brain radiation and chemotherapy. In December 2016, they found the cancer had spread to one of her ovaries, and she had a very large tumor removed, as well as, a full hysterectomy. Early this year, she began to feel very ill and short of breath, & they discovered she had large pockets of fluid  (pleural effusions) on both sides of her lungs. After having them drained, they re-accumulated quickly, and the results recently came back declaring the fluid to be cancerous as well. After being admitted to the hospital, they found fluid around her heart (pericardial effusions) as well and blood clots in her lungs. She has been through countless procedures the past week including a heart surgery and tubes placed in both lungs to help drain the fluid. She started chemotherapy again and will be receiving it once/ week. Needless to say, she is weak, exhausted, and fighting everyday. 

Normally this page takes you to an expression of our beliefs in the importance of giving back and doing good through charitable works such as sponsoring wonderful organizations. However there is a remarkable family I am fortunate to know whose bravery, fearlessness, love and goodness I have had the privilege to experience and whom deserve all the good and blessings we as God's instruments can provide. Please take a moment to read about this family and click on the link and give generously. The images, and narrative are the hard work of her friend, Holly McKillip Hunstable, who started the Go Fund Me page.  

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